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Carbon Offset Project Application.

Continental Carbon Offset Initiative (CCOI) in partnership with Thrust Carbon.

Our carbon offset initiative will allow your company to travel with the world in mind. These data points will only be used to create a visual representation of your project to list on our project page. After completing this form, a draft outline of your project will be created for a follow up phone call. Your program will be added to our site within 14 days subsequently. If you have any questions, please email for further information.

For more information on how carbon offsets work, view this third-party video presented by SOS Ecological. Note: Continental Travel does not have a relationship with this organization and the video is meant as an information resource only.

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    The full address is not displayed to our customers; however, we may provide country & area information to customers (e.g., Alberta, Canada).

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    This photo is displayed alongside your project. Please ensure you have the full rights to the photo. In providing this photo, you give Continental Travel, and our partner, Thrust Carbon, license to distribute the photo for placement on our website and for promotional purposes.

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    Your project must be vetted before we can list online. The validation/verification method can take many forms. Projects that have required permits, government approve projects, or third party verification through VERRA, SCC or Gold Standard. For smaller projects, receipts of equipment, permit for building and confirmation from the company/s of purchases can be enough. If you have any relevant information please provide it here. If not, please contact an our program representative at

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    Please go into concise detail about the project. This should be no more than 200 words of text and will be used to sell this project specifically.

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    “Carbon pricing” is a market-based strategy for lowering global warming emissions. The aim is to put a monetary value on carbon emissions so that the costs of climate impacts and the opportunities for low carbon energy options are better reflected in our production and consumption choices. If you have not set a price per tonne of carbon for your project, place “unknown” in the box above to be contacted.

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    Enter the name of the main contact person for your project and include your community or company name, as applicable.

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    This email will be used as the main contact and the addressee should be able to discuss pricing, billing and offset availability.

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    This number will be used as the main contact.