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Renewable Energy Project Application.

For projects that supply energy to the grid.

This form is the first step towards your project being included in the Carbon Renewable Energy Initiative (CREI). These data points will be used to create a visual representation of your project and will stay confidential. After completing this form, you will be sent a draft outline of your project. Once we approve your project, it will be added to our project page within 14 days. If a Continental Travel Group team member needs further information, you will be contacted via the email you provide on this form. Send any enquiries you may have to

For more information on how renewable energy certificates work, view this third-party video presented by Enel Green Energy. Note: Continental Travel does not have a relationship with this organization and the video is meant as an information resource only.

    Project Name *
    Project Address *

    The full address is not displayed to our customers; however, we may provide country & area information to customers (e.g., Alberta, Canada).

    Project Photo *

    This photo is displayed alongside your project. Please ensure you have the full rights to the photo. In providing this photo, you give Continental Travel, and our partner, Thrust Carbon, license to distribute the photo for placement on our website and for promotional purposes.

    Project Description *

    Please go into concise detail about the project. This should be no more than 200 words of text and will be used to sell this project specifically.

    Registration *

    Registration can take multiple forms. Projects delivering renewable power to the electrical grid in Canada may require provincial approval and the issuance of a permit. Typically, a Renewable Electricity Generation Facility must certify in Canada to issue Renewable energy certificates. If your facility is not certified but still goes onto the local electrical grid, please show adequate proof in the application. Some projects may also provide verification through third-party entities. Please provide valid information here or contact for further details.

    Price Per REC *

    “Renewable Energy Certificate Pricing” is a market-based strategy to facilitate the addition of cleaner energy options to the public electrical grid. The monetary value of each Renewable Energy Certificate, or “REC,” is equivalent to the current Carbon Tax set by the Federal Government. Some provincial pricing may differ. To see the current pricing, please visit your provincial and territorial government website.

    RECs Created *

    The RECs created are equivalent to the number of megawatt hours (MWh) the project contributes to the electrical grid. If you are unsure how many megawatt hours your project will produce, place “unknown” in the box below and an Indigeno IREP team member will contact you.

    Provider Name *

    Enter your name as the main contact and include your company name, if applicable.

    Provider Email *

    This email will be used as the main contact and the addressee should be able to discuss pricing, billing and offset availability.

    Provider Phone Number *

    This number will be used as the main contact.