Airplane flying over a tropical vacation spot Airplane flying over a tropical vacation spot

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protect the planet.

Travel accounts for a large proportion of the carbon footprint generated by Canadian companies.

 These emissions can occur through flights, car rides, or even hotel stays. That’s why Continental Travel Group has created the Canadian Carbon Offset Initiative which gives companies the ability to offset their travel emissions while supporting carbon offset projects. Protecting our planet starts with measuring your carbon footprint-- and we can help.

Through our partnership with Thrust Carbon, we’re able to calculate your travel-related emissions accurately through our booking process. This program allows us to consider more than 30 factors in your emission calculation— ranging from the weight of the plane, your assigned seat, weather changes, delays on the tarmac, and hotels, all the way down to the type of vehicle used.

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How do we determine carbon offset?

Thrust Carbon is an award-winning carbon intelligence platform based out of London, England. They allow forward-thinking companies to operate more sustainably and offer green products and services to their customers. 


Once we know the total emissions calculated from your travel, we give your company the opportunity to contribute to Indigenous-led carbon offset projects and local Canadian lead carbon offset projects that promote sustainability and combat climate change— bringing your travel net emissions down to zero.


What do we mean by offset?

An offset is any initiative that avoids or reduces carbon emissions. This can range from planting trees, installing solar panels on the roof of your business, forest conservation or even programs lowering food waste.

Once we’ve calculated your companies’ emissions, we give you an individualized comprehensive impact assessment report. This breaks down all travel related information and the emissions associated with them. This report is tailored to your company. (Logo, colours, and specific wording)

Working with us

Whether you are looking to offset your travel emissions or looking for a way to raise awareness of your carbon offset project, we can help CCOI can assist companies looking to achieve their environmental goals in two different ways. The first, is for Continental to track your companies travel emissions and offer you relevant offsets. The second, is giving opportunities for companies, communities, or individuals looking to support Carbon Offset Projects by sharing them on our marketplace. 

CCOI helps to achieve goals shared by your organization and Continental Travel Group, while building capacity and creating employment within the environmental sector for Canadians. 

Our Projects and how we verify

The global offset market generally offers large scale projects verified by companies such as Gold Standard, VERRA, or Standards Council of Canada (SCC). The verification process can be tedious and expensive, which leads to the exclusion of high impact community-based projects and small businesses from offset programs. Continental Travel has developed a transparent system to simplify the review and verifying process to ensure these high impact projects don’t get left behind.

How you can offset your carbon emissions

Once we have accurately tracked your travel, calculate the emissions, and offered your impact assessment report, your company can then choose which offset or offsets they would like to support.Once your funds have been received by the carbon offset project via Continental, a carbon offset certificate of authenticity will be issued and presented to your company. With this certificate, you will be able to proudly display the positive social and environmental impact you have made. 

Four Step Process
Book and Track Company Travel  
Calculate Total Emissions
Send Assessment Impact Report
Direct funds to Offset and present Certificate

Reach out to our CCOI Representative today to learn more: 

How you can list your carbon offset project on our site

Whether you are a company, community rep, or individual, you can bring awareness to your project by reaching out to our CCOI representative. From there, Continental Travel Group will have a CCOI Rep set up a meeting to discuss the project further with the Projects Manager. Once the phone call has concluded the CCOI Rep will assess if your project meets the threshold for our marketplace. You then fill out the CCOI Application form which provide pictures, a description and proof of the project's validity for Continental to display on our marketplace. 

Four Step Process
Connect with a CCOI Representative
Phone Call with CCOI Representative
CCOI Application Review
Forms Approved and Projected Uploaded on our website
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What is the Canadian Renewable Energy Initiative?

When your office building operates, it produces scope 2 emissions through heating, cooling, lighting and power consumption. Our Canadian Renewable Energy Initiative (CREI) is designed to give companies the power to easily track their scope 2 emissions and support renewable energy projects. After calculating your scope 2 emissions, we send you an in-depth impact assessment report and provide relevant renewable energy projects for your company to purchase Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) from.

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